Beth Zaiken is a professional museum artist, designer, and illustrator specializing in wildlife and paleo art, as well as large-scale traditional and digital murals and historical reconstructions. From her youth, Beth mentored under well-known midwestern wildlife artist Charles Pearson before going on to graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA Illustration) and moving steadily into her professional career. Beth produces commissioned illustrations, paintings, and large-scale murals for a select group of clients and organizations. Currently, she works as a principal artist, fabricator, art director and designer at Blue Rhino Studio, a prominent museum art design and fabrication studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Rochester, Minnesota

Current Residence:

Minneapolis, Minnesota


BFA, Rhode Island School of Design, 2008


Acrylic, Oil, Digital, Digital 3D

Recent Projects:

Digital mural and paleontological animal illustrations for San Jose Children's Discovery Museum's "Mammoth Discovery" Exhibit, animal identification illustrations and graphic design for the Minnesota Zoo, sculpture and design for the San Diego Zoo's "Polar Bear Plunge" Exhibit, and large-scale murals and design work for the International Crane Foundation's "African Cranes" Exhibit.