Northern Trail Featured Species Illustrations
The Minnesota Zoo is renowned for it's expansive grounds featuring many creatures adapted for cold winters. I helped the zoo to create interpretive graphics all along their 3/4 mile Northern Trail exhibits, showing adaptations and behaviors specific to the large, cold-weather residents.
These digital pen-and-watercolor stylized illustrations were completed in 2015, though I worked with the zoo over several years as their production schedule permitted.  Species covered included American Bison, Amur Tiger, Asian Wild Horse, Bactrian Camel, Prairie Dog, Caribou, Dhole, Goitered Gazelle, Moose, Pronghorn, and Takin. (©Beth Zaiken)
Bactrian Camel
American Bison
Asian Wild Horse: Przewalski's Horse
Woodland Caribou
Goitered Gazelle
Prairie Dog
Asian Wild Dog, (Dhole)
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